Price Transparency

Determining the cost of your healthcare service can be difficult. Many factors affect the cost of services and most people are not sure what to ask or who to ask. Your financial obligations can include a copay, deductible, a coinsurance and this varies depending on your health care plan. Healthcare services not covered by insurance can be another type of cost for patients. These variables have a direct impact on the amount you may have to spend on healthcare services.

Every provider of health care services, such as a hospital, provider and clinic sets their own list prices for health care services, which are compiled in a schedule that is often called a “charge master.” Our charge master, effective January 2020, can be found by clicking this link. Each charge is listed individually and there could be multiple charges that are part of a medical procedure. In addition, these charges represent services that are billed by this facility only. You may receive a bill for Physician services, consults, Anesthesia professional fees, for example, for services provided during your procedure and stay.

The documents below will help you navigate and understand your options:

For your convenience and in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services ‘Price Transparency Requirements for Hospitals To Make Standard Charges Public’ (Federal Register Vol. 84, No. 229, Subchapter E), more information on the following hospital services are provided below: