Intensive Care 

When patients are at their most vulnerable, that's when they need the care and attention provided in the Intensive Care Units at Lawrence General Hospital.

There are two such units at the hospital – the actual Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and a Coronary Care Unit (CCU). Both offer the same nursing expertise and an identical 2-to-1 patient-to-nurse ratio. Patients primarily treated for various heart conditions are transferred to the Cardiac Care Unit, typically for overnight recovery, because they need quiet time, and the CCU features all-private rooms.

Post-operative patients may be admitted to the ICU, where their condition is closely monitored as they recover from surgery. But while some of the patients in the ICU are transferred from a separate floor of the hospital, most patients are admitted through the Emergency Center. Our team of clinical experts are responsible for continuous monitoring, frequent nursing interventions, and also adhering to life-support medications, equipment, and systems whenever needed.

For more information about Intensive Care at Lawrence General, please call 978-683-4000, ext. 2420.