Charge Master

The information provided on this page is a comprehensive list of standard charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by a hospital, also known as a charge master. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires us to post this information in its entirety to be transparent. However, if you are anticipating a hospital visit, we recommend that you read the attached information, Avoiding Surprises In Your Medical Bills, and contact us for an estimate.

For more information about the cost of your care or financial assistance, please contact our patient Cost Estimator Hotline at 978-683-4000, extension 8360 or email us at

VIEW: Lawrence General Hospital Charge Master: Effective April 2024

Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG)

A Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) is a way of classifying conditions and services into payment categories. Patient services are bundled into condition categories based upon diagnosis, typical procedures performed, gender, age and your anticipated location or status when you are ready to be discharged. Medicare and other insurance companies sure use DRG’s to determine how much to pay for a patient’s hospital stay.

Lawrence General Hospital has provided our most common diagnostic related groups. Our DRG file is for informational use and should not be used to estimate the cost of your care. For help anticipating the cost of an upcoming hospital stay, please contact our cost estimation hotline at 978-683-4000, extension 3367 or email us at

VIEW: Average Charges By MS-DRG