Waiting for Care

On very busy days, the waits can be longer than we would like or you might expect. While you wait, we monitor your condition and provide appropriate care you need whether you will be going home or staying in the hospital overnight. 

Once the triage nurse determines you do not have a life threatening emergency, average wait times to see a doctor and receive treatment vary based on your level of illness. We understand you are in the Emergency Center because you are uncomfortable and even frightened, and we will do our best to keep you as comfortable and reassured as possible while you are waiting. Contrary to what you might think, longer wait times are actually good news, because it means your illness is not judged to be life-threatening. Sometimes they may not look sicker than you feel, but we hope you’ll trust us to judge which patients need to go to the front of the line.

Waiting for Admission

About 15% of our Emergency Center patients need to be admitted to the hospital for care. Sometimes patients have to wait in the Emergency Center for an inpatient bed. While this process can seem inconvenient, the important thing is that you are receiving the care you need while you wait. Because the Emergency Center is part of the hospital, you have access to whatever care is necessary while we prepare your room.