Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Heart attack symptoms can be very mild to begin with and may come and go. You may have some symptoms without experiencing others. Time to treatment is very important, so get help immediately. 

Call 911 for assistance. Do not drive yourself to the hospital!

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Chest discomfort or pain

  • This can feel like a pressure, squeezing sensation, or fullness lasting more than a few minutes. It may come and go.

Other upper body discomfort or pain

  • Pain or discomfort may occur in your shoulders, arms, back, neck, jaw or teeth. You may have these symptoms with or without chest discomfort.
Stomach pain
  • Discomfort or pain may spread downward into your abdominal area. You may mistake the sensation for heartburn.

Shortness of breath

  • You may feel unable to catch your breath or take a deep breath. This can occur before you experience chest discomfort or may occur without any chest discomfort.
  • You may feel lightheaded or feel like you might pass out.


  • Cold, clammy skin or breaking into a cold sweat is another common symptom.

Nausea and vomiting

  • You may feel sick to your stomach.


  • Some people feel a sense of panic or impending doom, like something is very wrong for no apparent reason.
Lawrence General EMS Service paramedics and all emergency nurses are Advanced Cardiac Life Support-certified and our Emergency Center and Cardiac team are experts in treating cardiac emergencies. Our average “door to open artery time” is faster than the national standard for heart attack care. If you are experiencing heart attack symptoms you need immediate hospital care.

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