Volunteers Make the Difference!

July 19, 2021

In addition to the passionate Lawrence General Hospital team vaccinating tens of thousands of people from across the Merrimack Valley, the hospital has about 160 generous volunteers who have clocked thousands of service hours in recent months. These dedicated volunteers are helping at Lawrence General’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic at South Lawrence East Elementary School and at the Mobile Vaccination Clinic through the hospital’s partnership with the City of Lawrence, a city that has experienced a disproportionately higher COVID-19 infection rate compared to other cities and towns in the region. Through the hospital’s partnership with the City of Lawrence, the city has also provided school nurses and others to help get people in the community vaccinated.

Volunteer Spotlight

Cindy and Joe Campana are two of the outstanding volunteers lending a helping hand at Lawrence General Hospital’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. This husband and wife team has volunteered well over 500 hours of their time to support the dedicated Lawrence General Hospital Vaccine Team at the clinic. Brenda LeBlanc, Lawrence General’s volunteer coordinator, says Joe has a wonderful sense of humor and a gift for putting people at ease when they arrive for their vaccine. Joe, who had also been volunteering at Lawrence General Hospital’s Emergency Center, signed up to work at Lawrence General’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic shortly after it opened, and soon recruited his wife, Cindy, to lend a hand as well.