Outpatient Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language therapy may be recommended for diagnosis and treatment for a number of reasons, including: delayed speech and language, unintelligible speech, loss of communicative or cognitive abilities, or difficulty with feeding and swallowing.

Outpatient speech-language therapy is provided at our regional center for rehabilitation services (located at 25 Marston Street, Suite 106, Lawrence, MA – just a quarter of a mile away from the main Lawrence General campus.) A physician's order is required for all treatment.

Services for Children

We evaluate and treat children who need speech-language therapy related to conditions such as speech and language disorder/delay, developmental delay, stuttering disorder, autism, and apraxia. Each child’s specific therapy needs will be determined by a speech-language pathologist following an extensive evaluation, and a treatment plan will be created based on the child’s difficulties and the individual needs of the patient and family. Therapy may focus on a number of areas of speech and language, including articulation, auditory comprehension, verbal expression, augmentative communication, play, social-interaction, and feeding/swallowing. We understand how important family involvement is when treating children with speech and language difficulties, and strive to include the family in all aspects of our care. Click here for the red flags of communication disorders in children.

Services for Adults

Speech and language difficulties may affect adults following injury or illness, or as they age. Some of the conditions which may require speech language therapy for adults include stroke, cardiovascular/pulmonary conditions, degenerative neuromuscular disease, swallowing disorders, head trauma, brain tumors, neurological diseases – including Parkinson’s Disease, vocal nodules and vocal abuse, and oral pharyngeal/laryngeal cancer. Speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing skills will be assessed by a speech-language pathologist, and the appropriate treatment will be recommended and provided. Patients are well educated on the etiology of their deficits and typical course of treatment, which empowers them to best manage their speech, language, and swallowing difficulties. Click here for the red flags of cognitive-communication-swallowing disorders in adults.

Modified Barium Swallow Studies MBS)

Modified Barium Swallow studies are completed on both and inpatient and outpatient basis and performed in the Radiology Department. In these studies, a speech-language pathologist observes the patient swallowing multiple consistencies of barium under video fluoroscopy. This allows the clinician to determine the appropriate food and drink consistencies for the individual, as well as which strategies are useful in managing the patient's swallowing difficulties.


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