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Do you offer any specialty pediatric clinics or services locally?
Yes, in the past two years we have greatly expanded our roster of local services and specialties for the families of the region.  These include:

  • Pediatricians from Floating Hospital for Children now at Lupoli Family Pediatric Care 24/7, 365 days per year
  • New, family-friendly Inpatient Pediatric Center, featuring private rooms
  • New Pediatric Specialty Center at 25 Marston Street in Lawrence
  • Pediatric Cardiologists now available locally
  • Pediatric GI (Gastrointestinal) Specialists now available locally
  • Pediatric Neurologists from Tufts now available locally
  • Car Seat Check Program
  • Pediatric Surgeons from Tufts now now available locally
  • Pediatric Anesthesiologists on staff locally
  • Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging available
  • “Pedi After Hours” Referral Service
  • Pedi S.A.N.E. Program

Where can I get more information on the new Pediatric Specialty Center in Lawrence?
Click here for more information, or call us at 978-208-4916.

Do you have any private pediatric rooms at Lawrence General?
Yes, in the newly renovated Lupoli Family Pediatric Care center, we have five private rooms (with an in room bed for a parent too), available on a first come, first served basis.

Where do I get food?
If your child spends the night at the Hospital, then a parent tray is provided for breakfast free of charge. A discount coupon is given for other meals that you can use in the cafeteria.

Can my child sleep with me?
In the hospital, safety is a priority. Children under the age of 3 sleep in a crib. Other accommodations are needed for the comfort of the child always keeping safety in mind. Newborn infants sleep in size-appropriate cribs. Parents use a portable sleep-chair for sleeping, which is limited in space.

Can my family visit?
Yes. We prefer that only 1 adult stay overnight with the child due to lack of space and ease of staff being able to attend to your sick child. Visitors are discouraged if they are sick, and if the child needs rest to get better. Families must always consider that the hospitalized child may have an illness that requires no extra visitors for a period of time. Visits are best if brief and with limited people.

Will you awaken my child at night?
You must remember that your child is in the hospital overnight so that doctors and nurses can give your child the care he or she needs to get better. While we try not to wake up your child or you sometimes, it cannot be helped. We will always attempt to give care quietly, but we also need to do it in a complete and safe manner.

Where do we register?
Lawrence General Hospital provides in-room admissions and registration services for the convenience of your family.


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