Emergency Center Providers at Lawrence General

Dr. George Kondylis, Vice President of Medical Affairs

As the former Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. George Kondylis has been an integral player in helping shape the Emergency Center to what it is today. Over the last 20 years, he has been instrumental at transitioning us to a brand new Emergency Department in 2005, creating an EC pediatric area, EC ultrasound program, and most recently, an ECOU observation unit which has shown noteworthy efficiencies in patient throughput.

He has been an important leader for the medical staff, chairing the Credentials Committee and taking on further hospital leadership roles in the Hospitalist Program and GLFHC residency program.

Omer Moin, Chief of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Moin provides all medical administration to the Lawrence General Hospital EMS program. He has quickly proven himself as a leader over the past four years and was extremely effective in his former role of Associate Chief. He has been designing and developing a Vertical Care Area to improve patient flow through the Emergency Center, as well as streamlining patient flow within the Emergency Center and ECOU. Graduating from Aga Khan University in Pakistan and Boston Medical Center's Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Dr. Moin has also been involved in trauma, sepsis, cardiovascular, antibiotic stewardship, P&T, and peer review improvements.

Emergency Center Provider Team

  • Sean Bandzar, MD
  • Laurel Barrett, MD
  • Benjamin Bautz, MD
  • Jorge Botero, MD
  • Zoltan Buchwald, MD
  • Jillian Buhler, MD
  • Tim Chu, MD
  • Maria Dienhart, MD
  • Brian Glaser, PA-C
  • Laura Gould, MD
  • Astrid Gutierrez, MD
  • Michelle Harris, MD
  • Michelle Kuo, MD
  • Mike McGlynn, PA-C
  • Johanna Merrill, MD
  • Sina Mostaghimi, MD
  • Alice Murray, MD
  • Erin Oakley, MD
  • Pat Palermo, CNP
  • Jennifer Pascual, MD
  • Dan Richard, CNP
  • Dylan Ryan, PA-C
  • Patti Scala, CNP
  • Carol Shih, MD
  • Ryan Sullivan, MD
  • Vania Tareco, DO
  • Kristina Noelle Tune, MD
  • Adam Weightman, MD