Lawrence General Hospital is committed to improving the healthcare experience of every person we serve. That's why we worked with physicians throughout the Merrimack Valley to develop a new way for patients to get in touch with their doctors.

Powered by RelayHealth®, an online leader in better patient/ physician communications, MyLGHCare enables you to:

» Make a webVisit® to your doctor to discuss a non-urgent
» medical issue
» Request or cancel an appointment and receive
» appointment reminders
» Request prescription refills, a referral or a lab test
» Get the results of a lab test
» Organize and store your personal health records

And you'll be happy to know, there’s no fee for the service.

Patients are responding positively to having a quick, convenient way to visit with their doctors online, and it's not just they who benefit from the service.

A secure, HIPAA-compliant alternative to conventional e-mail, MyLGHCare enables physicians to:

» Bring e-prescribing to their desktops
» Communicate with their staff and colleagues
» Access patient information on a real-time basis
» Enhance communications with their patients
» Gain greater control over their time, reduce phone calls,
» improve workflow and produce automatic primary source
» documentation

MyLGHCare makes it possible for you to build a repository of your health information and records. This can be especially useful for you and your healthcare providers if you need medical care when you’re out of the area.