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Environmental Services Continue to Reduce Room Turnover Times and Improve Patient Flow

We’ve done a lot of talking about improving patient flow in the hospital, reducing wait times for inpatient beds in our Emergency Center, as well as the time that patients wait to leave the hospital at the end of their stay. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts to a process as complicated as this, and a lot of health care
professionals whose performance helps keep that process and flow moving on a daily basis.

In Environmental Services (EVS), the staff who clean the rooms when a patient is discharged have been doing their part to improve that flow. The EVS team has been working on reducing the time it takes a room to be cleaned from the time that the patient is discharged and the request is generated by nursing.

The results are impressive. In the first quarter of this fiscal year the EVS staff fielded more than 7,500 discharge room cleaning requests from the inpatient units, and their average time to delivering a cleaned room was 59.6 minutes. Second quarter, the team dropped this turnover time  by more than six minutes, to 53.5 minutes. The amazing part is that in the second quarter, they received 423 more requests for room cleaning than they did in the first quarter, and still dropped their turnover time, without adding staff.  The goal is to reduce the time to under 50 minutes.

The key to this increasing success says Facilities director Rob Denise is the diligence of EVS supervisors Lizbeth Santiago and Raquel Hernandez in keeping a watchful eye on the bed board system, Intelliflo, for discharge requests and submitting them as quickly as possible to the staff. Staff must then be cognizant of immediately signing off upon room completion and nursing is notified.

Congratulations to the staff of Environmental Services for their contributions to improving our patient flow! Our patients appreciate those extra minutes in the comfort of their rooms!


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