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When You Look at Lawrence General Hospital, What Do You See?

May 6, 2016 - More than 100 employees (both leaders and staff) attended a workshop in mid-April, designed to help us look at our world differently. What they learned at this first of its kind workshop is that we can gain significantly more traction toward improvement and feeling the positive momentum of our organization, if we focus on what’s good about it. By analyzing our successes, focusing on our strengths and drilling into what makes things work, we can develop better strategies for addressing what doesn’t work. 

The good is always there, if you have the discipline to look for it. You’ll likely begin to hear more people asking what’s going right, providers asking patients and families what’s going right, leaders asking their employees what’s going right. Knowing what’s working helps us take credit for all the efforts we put forth that are successful. It also puts in perspective the things that need work. Taking those moments to celebrate success doesn’t make issues and problems go away, but it does give us the energy boost to find solutions to our challenges. Often, the intelligence we can gain from looking at what is working can be applied to solve problems in a way that keeps our positive momentum going.

There’s a lot of spectacular work going on at Lawrence General Hospital every day – from an Environmental Services team member stopping to comfort a distraught visitor, a facility manager saying a few kind words to a patient in an elevator, a staff nurse who patiently stays and helps a family understand a patient’s treatment plan, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Become part of the team that’s looking for those bright spots. Better yet, become a bright spot! Think of one way that you can personally contribute to the positive energy. Greet people with a smile that reaches your eyes. Pick up a scrap of paper on the grounds. Offer a hand to a coworker you don’t know. And when they thank you, suggest they pass it on. You’ll be amazed at how good you begin to feel about yourself and your workplace. If every employee picks one small positive change, imagine the power we can harness.

Act like you own this hospital, because while you are here you do own responsibility for what goes on here. You are the patient experience!


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