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What Care Transformation Means to You

So, if the focus of transformation work is largely in non-hospital settings, why should hospital staff be paying attention? The reason is that not all focus is outside the hospital. 

Caring about Caring
Payors want us to provide consistent higher quality and better patient experience. It’s called “Value Based Purchasing,” and once again, the government has figured out a way, through the reimbursement process, to reward hospitals that do the best job and to reduce reimbursement for those that don’t. Value means giving the patient what they need, from both a clinical and a personal point of view. The value proposition is hard to argue with. It’s just good care. We believe in continuous improvement, so we have quality and safety initiatives underway all over the hospital, as well as “Care Out Loud,” which provides a very easy way to help patients feel well informed and involved in their care. If you’re still not convinced you should care about transformation, there’s an important bottom line reason. If we provide consistently great care to our patients, we increase funds available to support our mission and our most important initiatives, and of course, to support our staff.

Smoothing our Work Flow, Finding Red Flags
Our work feels better when we are efficient. It is natural to be frustrated by the parts of a process that seem to be a waste of time and those should be a red flag to us. More than 200 Lawrence General employees have had training in LEAN redesign, and they are helping us find those wastes and get them out of our processes. Once again, value comes into play. If a step in our care process does not add “value” that the patient would want to pay for, then we should consider taking that step out of the process. Patients are telling us they see a difference. We provide better service for our patients, it’s less frustrating for employees, and it also lowers cost of care and makes us better able to handle the flow of patients and even add more patients to our day. It’s a win all around. 

Advertising You Just Can’t Buy
On a recent edition of his radio program, Sicilian Corner on WCCM-AM1110, Mike Lomazzo told his thousands of listeners that he was amazed at the difference in service the last time he went to the Lawrence General Laboratory. “Lawrence General Hospital is such an important resource for our community, but I used to hate going to the lab. I had to wait so long to be seen,” he remembers, chuckling. “But I went in recently and I was stunned that there were only a couple of people in the waiting room. At first I thought business must be bad! But they called me in and the process was just so much faster! They’ve really changed things for the better, guys. You should check it out.” 


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