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Hospitalists Celebrate a Year Under New Leadership and Vision

December 11, 2015 - It’s been a little bit more than a year since a new team  took over leadership of the Lawrence General Hospitalist Service. It’s been an eventful year, including a re-visioning process, and the addition of several new providers, physicians and advance practice practitioners replacing what had been a service with many locum tenens physicians. 

“Only when you invest in your own people and hire high quality providers, you begin to build a team that shares your values as an institution and has a strong stake in the service you provide. Then you can control your outcomes,” comments Dr. Ziad Alfarah, the medical director of the Hospitalist Service. “That is not to say that our locum tenens physicians have not been very valuable to our patients, yet they are temporary and not set up to drive change in an organization.”
The service now has 17 employed physicians and 6 nurse practitioners, all of whom have committed to a Pledge to Excellence that was developed by Dr. Alfarah and the new leadership. It outlines the key values of the hospitalist team, including:
  • Teaching
  • Teamwork and delivering individualized medicine
  • Provider Engagement
  • Accountability towards the patient, the service and the Hospital
  • Communication and commitment to patient experience
  • Service quality and delivering value care
The Pledge to Excellence begins to better align the Hospitalist Service with the overall strategic goals of the organization and positions the hospitalists as important constituents and drivers of many critical initiatives. They are, for example, key participants in many of our patient progression initiatives, as well as ongoing process improvement efforts in our intensive care and variable care unit. 
The administrative structure has also been revamped to mirror the changes on the clinical side, to accommodate the growing needs and bring long-needed stability to the program.  “This was a true team success. Dianne Anderson, Deb Wilson and Neil Meehan have given us all the support. Pracha Eamranond was key in leading the program during the early transition phase and remains actively involved. Heather Markey, the director of operations, was instrumental in streamlining numerous workflow processes. Maria Molina, Amy Melvin, Annemarie Giarusso, and the list goes on; to all of them I say I can’t thank you enough,” states Dr. Alfarah.
“Our hospitalists are contributing to various projects in very meaningful ways,” Dr. Alfarah adds, “role modeling and piloting new processes, and, as a group, feeling much more connected to the mission and strategic direction of the hospital. A long and rewarding journey is ahead of us and we just started. Our better days are yet to come.”
Congratulations and thank you to our Hospitalist Service and welcome to the new team members! For more information on the Hospitalist program and to view and meet our current hospitalist, please visit the Employee Hub at  


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