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Lawrence General Engages Patients with Helpful Online Self-Assessment Tools

Health care patients don’t just do what the doctor says anymore. Most doctors can share stories about patients who arrive at the office armed with reams of web research on their symptoms, potential diagnoses, and treatment options. Often physicians become curators of the patients’ research, guiding the decision-making process by adding perspective, expertise, and local knowledge.

To assist patients in their medical research, Lawrence General offers a number of online self-assessment tools. Built around questions that have been vetted by clinical experts, these tools provide patients with tailored information that can help inform conversations with their doctors. 

  • Back and Neck Pain Self-Assessment
    This online tool helps patients assess their back and neck pain, accompanying extremity pain or weakness, and the ability to perform daily tasks.

  • Joint Pain Self-Assessment
    This online tool helps patients assess their hip and knee pain and learn more about options for treatment.

  • Weight Loss Self-Assessment
    This online tool helps patients assess their body mass index and collects information about co-morbidities and other lifestyle factors that impact weight.

Accompanying these self-assessment tools on the Lawrence General website are videos featuring the stories of local patients, along with physicians and other care providers who treat these health issues in Lawrence General programs.

Whether it’s where to get the best cup of coffee, what entertainment is available this weekend and how to get tickets to a concert and find the venue, we are leveraging online resources like never before. Our consumers expect no less of their health care providers! Lawrence General is excited to be a part of the online community offering solutions!


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